'Integrating Digital Data with Jeffrey Kazmucha | Thinking Ahead EP 3'

'Integrating Digital Data with Jeffrey Kazmucha | Thinking Ahead  EP 3'
27:03 Mar 31
'On today’s show, we welcome Jeffrey Kazmucha. Jeffrey is the founder of AMP Venture Partners. We dive into a number of hot topics including digital innovation, market strategy, and the potential of future CRM’s marrying the Doctor, patient, and Personal Trainer relationships together. Jeffrey also touches on his beliefs around budding technologies like AR, AI, VR wellness, and digital health that will be designed around the betterment of lifestyle, sports, fitness, and medical sciences.  What You\'ll Learn 1. You’ll hear firsthand from the founder of AMP Venture Partners Jeffrey Kazmucha how he believes that the future holds opportunities for fitness businesses to integrate into the medical model.   2. Jeffrey discusses both the opportunities and limitations in the near term for AI, AR and VR over the next few years. 3. Listeners will hear why Jeffrey believes that the data we collect today via wearables will alter  the future of the trainer-client relationship.   Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show Website: https://ampvp.com Email:  [email protected]  ABOUT THE THINKING AHEAD SHOW The Thinking Ahead show is designed to have you think about ideas, concepts, or strategies that will enhance your business.  We want to plant an acorn seed with you, give you the resources to fertilize that seed so it becomes a huge oak tree!  We guarantee you’ll hear ideas that are not currently ‘trending’ as we want you ahead of the curve – setting trends not following trends!  FBP Shows: +++ The Fitness Business Podcast The Fitness Business Podcast is hosted by Dori Nugent and aims to deliver weekly education, information, and inspiration to fitness business owners & managers or any fitness industry professional.  We feature fitness industry experts, consultants, and owners from across the globe. We also interview non-industry experts to bring you leading education to help you run your business more effectively, efficiently, and profitable!    +++ The Value Proposition with Sarah Pellegrino  The Value Proposition is a 30-45 minute show that will give suppliers in the fitness industry a voice. The show will air once per month in both video and podcast format. It will be a really deep dive as to what a supplier and their company can bring to the fitness business above and beyond the product or service that they\'re selling  +++ Thinking Ahead hosted by Jason Stowell Jason will be covering trends in our ever-changing fitness industry.  He is honored to have this opportunity to host this show and help make our world better one truly amazing expert guest at a time.  Contact Information: Website: https://fitnessbusinesspodcast.com Email: [email protected] Phone: +61 2 9484 5501  Join our community:  FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/fitnessbusinesspodcast TWITTER:  https://twitter.com/fitbizpodcast INSTAGRAM:  https://www.instagram.com/fitnessbusinesspodcast/  #fitnessbusiness #fitnessindustry' 

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