'Learning about Orangetheory Fitness'

'Learning about Orangetheory Fitness'
02:17 Jun 15
'What makes Orangetheory Fitness in Harrisburg different in the fitness space?  “We do one-hour, full-body group fitness workouts. You’ll split time between treadmills, rowers and a strength floor to encourage a good cardiovascular and strength response from your exercise,\" said Felicia Frickx, head coach of Orangetheory Fitness in Harrisburg.     The big difference is using heart rate monitor technology.    “We target specific heart rate zones, to ensure that every member gets the most [out] of their workout. We have zones that range from just a resting level all the way up to a max effort. Your coach will call out what zone to strive for in different work efforts,” said Frickx.    Monitors are provided on the equipment and around the room to zero in on the heart rate zone to better adjust the workout.  Read the full article here: https://www.fox43.com/article/news/health/learning-about-orangetheory-fitness-in-harrisburg-pennsylvania/521-6c23fb50-9f27-4102-9c82-16a5ce9b6431  WPMT-FOX43\'s YouTube channel is a hub for the best of FOX43 News and its investigative reports, top headlines, and digital exclusive content: youtube.com/c/fox43 SUBSCRIBE: youtube.com/c/fox43' 

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