'Nike Training Club App with Taja Keasal - Fitness Goals | Talks with TJ'

'Nike Training Club App with Taja Keasal - Fitness Goals | Talks with TJ'
04:03 Aug 25, 2021
'Nike is a passion of mine that goes far deeper than a love of sneakers or training apparel. They created an all in one training app that allows you to make yourself...as their women\'s campaign a few years ago stated:  \"You are entirely up to you. Make your body. Make your life. Make yourself\"  I teamed up with Culture Creative Content to document my passion for Nike and the Nike Training Club app. Hopefully, you take a chance on this free app in your Apple or Google Play store and see what it can do for your training in the gym and out of it.  Culture Creative Content Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9EvY0_CqDDcQZ-WDWYcBKQ  Social Media for TJ http://www.twitter.com/fitjetergirl http://www.instagram.com/fitjetergirl  E-MAIL for questions regarding video content [email protected]   About TJ: Budgets, sneakers and Nike hauls are what Talks with TJ is all about. Just talking with you about the things I’m passionate about and a big one is helping young people realize how important it is to budget their money. Channel was formerly titled Fat2Fit Finance.  Subscribe and stay tuned for more videos on budgeting, how you can make yours work for you, sneaker pickups and clothing hauls.    DISCLAIMER: This video is NOT sponsored.' 

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